ETERNAL MADNESS Created in early year 1994 by Moel Madness (bass / vocal) and Cax Wisnu (guitar) with drummer ari separatis and some others sessionists. the first album ‘Offerings to Rangda’ was released in year 1997. At the end of year 1997 with a new drummer Johan, Musica a major label’ signed them to join ‘metaliklinik’ the first ever metal compilation album in indonesia and distributed
nati…onally along with all the best metal bands around Indonesia….In year 1999 Cax Wisnu decided to put down his guitar and stoped his music career, he was replaced by Didot ….On that time Eternal Madness was signed again to join Metaliklinik 3 compilation and released the second album ‘Bongkar Batas’ using drum machine to replace Johan… In 2002 Death Ra replaced Didot and came adith as second guitarist with additional drummer Pandi ‘Ghebes’ on the making of the album ‘Abad Kegilaan’ (in this crazy era) released in year 2007…. Now Eternal Madness current formation are : .. ..Moel Madness (bass / vocal), ..Death Ra (guitar 1), ..Adith (guitar 2) and Ayax (drummer)
Watch out for their next material soon in this year 2011 !!!!!
link to download old album of ETERNAL MADNESS
Offerings to rangda ‘1997:
Bongkar batas ‘2000 (pass:IMB)
ABAD kegilaan ‘2007

Moel : Bass/Vocal
Death Ra : Guitar
Adith : Guitar
Ayak : Drum